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Somehow, here at Need headquarters in Dallas, we are managing to find time between our busy schedules to decorate the new office.

Our weekend started on a high note with the arrival of our reclaimed wood desks - just one of the many final touches to go.

In order to connect with our fans in creative ways, it is very important that we stay inspired, including our work spaces. In that case, we obviously turned to Pinterest for a little desk inspiration.

See what other inspiring work spaces we found on Pinterest

The folks over at Need are doing so many things right. This office set-up? Perfection.



Badge Hunting

Are you a fan of badgehunting? We sure are. Thats why we worked with Allan to bring all of these to life - on tees! Minneapolis is already off the presses, but you can request for it to come back right here. Fan of the Chicago logo? Order your tee here (sales close Tues, August 5th at 2pm EDT).

The rest of the cities will be up soon. Keep checking back!


Isolation room (“rubber room”), US Customs and Border Protection
San Ysidro, California 2006
Architecture of Authority, Richard Ross

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